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Entrepreneurship Training for Mushroom Farmers

Mar 26, 2021
Nycc Instructor

Welcome to the Academy for MSME, where we empower you with knowledge to succeed. It’s a thing of joy to have you venture into mushroom farming. Congratulations. You made the right decision.

My name is Kpenkaan Terhemen Johnpaul. I’m the Director General of the Nigerian Youth Chamber of Commerce and I’m excited to share with you how you can access up to N700,000 from the National Youth Investment Fund to start mushroom farming.

In pursuance of President Buhari’s clarion call for Nigerians to “Eat what we produce, and produce what we eat,” the Nigerian Youth Chamber of Commerce is providing full scholarship for 50,000 youth to acquire entrepreneurship training that prepares them to venture into the mushroom value-chain.

The decision to engage youth in commercial mushroom production and processing is predicated on the fact that, mushroom is a superfood. The edible fungi are high in nutritional value and medicinal properties, attracting the attention of millions of people looking for healthy nutrition. This fact is verified by the Federal government’s special interest in mushroom as a great source of foreign exchange, and job creation. 

Do you know that, mushroom has a global market value of $56.9 Billion? However, Nigeria is not earning a dime from this sector. Even though the country has the potential to contribute 3.5% in ten years, to the global mushroom market that is growing at the rate of 7.9% per annum.

We find that, deploying 50,000 youth into the mushroom value chain can create over 150,000 direct jobs; and another 250,000 indirect jobs. The projected production of 363,000 metric tons of mushroom will create a N660 billion economy in three years.

Here’s the interesting part, the return on investment in Mushroom is 40% in a production circle of 4 months. That’s 120% ROI in the first year, and up to 180% in the subsequent years. This should give you healthy revenues and a good source of income.

That’s why the Chamber has given you a full scholarship to undergo entrepreneurship training that will qualify you to access up to N700,000 from the National Youth Investment Fund (NYIF). This finance will help you to grow mushroom in a controlled environment and earn over 40% return on investment (ROI) every production circle of four months. 

The entrepreneurship training you are about to undertake is divided into key courses that are broken into sections of short videos. The courses also have transcripts to help you review text in the videos. There are attachments of other literature materials to support your learning.

After every course, you will take a test to assess your knowledge level. A 75% cutoff mark is required to complete every course. You can take your assessment multiple times to gain confidence with your knowledge level.

You will receive a certificate after completing your training, and be guided on how to proceed with the fund application process. 

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Author :Nycc Instructor

Course Sponsor :Nigerian Youth Chambers of Commerce

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